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KG Survival Kit Video Description:

The KG Survival Kit has tons of gear so you can be prepared for any survival situation!

We made the KG MOLLE Pack larger than needed so you can add whatever extra items you want (like a KG pocket knife, roll of bank line, and some extra fishing hooks)!

To prep your kit, simply add lighter fluid to the infinite lighter. 



- Infinite Lighter

- Poncho

- Whistle

- Tactical Spork/Knife

- Wire Saw

- Pliers

- Waterproof notepad

- Tactical pen

- Fishing kit

- Ferrell rod and striker

- Emergency blanket

- Carabiner clip

- First aid kit (band aids, alcohol wipes, etc.)

- Fire Ropes

- Survival paracord bracelet

- Survival tool card

- 16.5ft of paracord

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