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Do you like fish? Regardless if your answer, you’re really missing out if you don’t own a KG Fillet Knife! With a long razor sharp blade and textured rubberized handle, this fillet knife is your non slip solution to all your fish filleting needs!

The handle is constructed from two materials. First the plastic for the base and rubber to provide a non slip grip. The rubber possesses a textured pattern to increase your ability to control this knife. With a fillet knife, you need to have so much control that it feels as if it is an extension of your body.

The oversized blade helps you get the deep cuts where other knives just can’t reach. The steel composition is strong enough to keep its razor sharp edge yet flexible enough to to flex around the spine of the fish. This way, you can spend your time eating fish instead of bones!

This KG fillet knife includes a complementary leather sheath to store your knife because safety is always #1.  

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