KG Yeet Worms 12-pack


Color: Green


The KG Yeet Worm is the best plastic worm money can buy. They have ridges along the body so fish will hold on longer. The balance of the plastic is optimal for the wiggling action on the fall. My top rigs with this worm are the weightless texas rig, weighted texas rig, and wacky rig.


- 12 x 5-inch worms


Green: A slightly transparent green with silver and purple flakes. This works best in areas where bluegill are a primary source of forage as the green body and purple flakes imitate the bluegill.

Rust Brown: Transparent rust color with gold and silver flakes. This works best in clear water. The brown color favors crawfish an other creatures that live near the banks of ponds, rivers, and lakes.

Snow White: White color with gold and silver flakes. Works in any water clarity but performs best in places with shad or minnows as primary forage. Works great in very dirty water as well.

Midnight Black: Transparent black with silver flakes. This is like a smoky color and is not solid black. This allows the bait to excel in clear water as the fish cannot fully identify the bait by solely looking at it, forcing them to strike.

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